Professional Certifications in Data Science

Data Science Council of America is a worldwide leader in data science certifications, acknowledged widely for its world-class credentialing and accreditation programs based on the first-ever independent, vendor-neutral standards and cross-platform knowledge framework in data science. DASCA offers six international certification programs along three credential–tracks for the most popular Big Data professions today – Big Data Engineering, Big Data Analytics, and Data Science.

Completing your DASCA certification will enable you to:

  • Work across several popular and advanced data analytics and big data application development platforms, technologies, tools, use-cases and user- industries.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and abilities required to design, customize, and implement the latest Big Data systems.
  • Manage large volumes of data and design models for analysis, interpret the importance of subject data for business intelligence, and effectively use Big Data to complete tasks or objectives.
  • Big DataEngineering Certifications

    Associate Big Data Engineer
    Senior Big Data Engineer
  • Big DataAnalytics Certifications

    Associate Big Data Analyst
    Senior Big Data Analyst
  • DataScientist Certifications

    Senior Data Scientist